Amy Dolnick’s Commitment to Teens’ Mental Health 

For the past seven years, Amy Dolnick has volunteered her time at our Michael and Karyn Lutz Center in Belmont Cragin to provide essential mental health resources to our teens. Recognizing the growing mental health concerns among young people, Amy has ensured thousands of teens have access to free therapy. 

With 23 years of experience as a therapist, Amy focuses on providing teens with coping skills. Whether through breathing techniques or creative outlets like drawing and journaling, her goal is to help young people manage their challenges and build resilience. 

“We love Amy! We are so thankful for her dedication, love, and patience with our teens. She allows them to share their life experiences in a safe and supportive environment,” shared Rosy Aguilar, ASM Program Director.  

Amy’s work at the Lutz Center highlights the significance of therapy for teens. In a supportive environment, young people come to understand they are not alone in their struggles. They gain the strength to face their challenges and find community and shared experience which helps them navigate through tough times.  

One of the key aspects of Amy’s work is creating a safe space for Lutz Center teens to express themselves without fear of judgment. This environment is vital for their mental well-being, allowing them to explore their emotions and develop healthy ways to cope in a supportive space. 

The mental health crisis among young people in the U.S. is a serious issue, as noted by the US Surgeon General’s declarations on the crisis. ASM has prioritized providing access to free therapy and mental health resources through partnerships with therapists like Amy and institutions like Adler University, which supplies additional counselors and instructors. 

Amy’s volunteer work at the Lutz Center contributes to a community that supports the well-being of young people. This collaboration highlights the importance of accessible mental health resources and their positive impact on teenagers. 

“Amy’s commitment to our teens is a powerful example of the positive impact a caring adult can have on the lives of our youth,” shared Mary Ellen Caron, ASM CEO. “We are thankful for the expert guidance she gives our teens, instilling in them the confidence and tools they need to face the future with hope.” 

Thank you, Amy, for your unwavering support of our young people!