Hamilton Cast and Crew Members Offer Teens a Taste of Broadway

Earlier this month, teens from our Musical Theater Experience at Gallery 37 program were given the opportunity to learn about Broadway theater directly from two members of the cast and crew of the touring production of Hamilton. The show is currently playing at Chicago’s Nederlander Theater as part of Broadway in Chicago.

James Davis Jr, the show’s assistant musical director and cast member Zach Bravo, stopped by to teach the teens the show’s iconic number, “My Shot.” The atmosphere was electric as they shared their talent and passion with the aspiring performers.

After a teen-led tour of our theater space, Zach and James got down to business, first teaching the teens the various vocal parts of the song and then the choreography of the piece. The teens eagerly absorbed the advice and techniques as they tirelessly practiced the piece. Within an hour, the teens confidently performed “My Shot” for their instructor.

After the performance, James and Zack generously stayed to answer the teens’ questions, sharing insights from their own experiences in theater and encouragement on how to succeed in musical theater. We are so grateful to them both for sharing their time and creativity with ASM teens.

As the company members bid farewell, they left behind a group of inspired teens, reminding them that with dedication, any shot at success is worth taking.