ASM Teens Train to be Emergency Medical Responders 

This summer, After School Matters partnered with Superior Ambulance to provide teens with training to become emergency medical responders (EMR) at our Gately Park facility. Teens explored potential careers in the medical field and gained hands-on training, learning CPR and triaging “injuries” with their peers. The program was led by Bianca Goolsby, a licensed EMT and ASM instructor/mentor. 

Bianca shared “There are so many opportunities teens can gain by starting out as an EMR. They can work side by side with an EMT and other experts in the medical field, learning skills they can apply to their future career.”  

After completing the program, teens 17-18 are eligible to take a test with the Illinois Department of Public Health to become certified EMRs, and Superior Ambulance has committed to hiring them. Superior will also provide certified teens with free classes toward becoming Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). 

“I want to become a pediatrician when I grow up and this program allows me to learn skills I can apply to college and my future career as a doctor,” said Morgan M. an ASM teen in the EMR program. 

WGN visited the program to speak with the teens about their experiences. You can check out the full interview here